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Understanding Matterport Digital Twin Basics

Get your business scan with a Matterport pro 2 134Mp HDR camera. We dont use standard 360 cameras like Ricoh or Insta.
Our scans may include upto 3 floors and 100 or more scan points.

Take your digital twin to next level by hosting it to matterport. Additional annual fees applies for hosting tour on matterport. Its pioneer and way ahead of any virtual tour hosting platform with doll house view etc.

Simple  Pricing PlanS

Weds Guru Plans

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LIFETIME FREE hosting of your digital twin with your google business listing, visible on maps, search, streetview etc. This is the best and must way to save your listing. Can be shared with a link in messages, watsapp, email and social platform.

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Integration with Sketchfab
Access over 750,000 assets from 3D artists all over the world. Simply search for what you need inside our Creator Studio and add it to your tour from there.

Simple UI tools

Easily place, rotate and resize your assets from either first-person or dollhouse view.

Venue Mockups


Google StreetView Sample

Matterport Tour Sample


Yes, we are very much sure. We are offering everything listed above. Matterport virtual tours with Matterport Pro series cameras.

Yes, but we will not compromise on any quality, we will create Matter port digital twin for your venue. Post it to Google and archived the matterport tour so that it can be retained anytime in future.

Yes, you are the soul owner of Tour, you can share/embedd your digital twin on your website, whatsapp profile, social media profiles, whatsapp marketing via link, or also available on matterport discover website. 

Your matterport digital twin will stop displaying publically on matterport and will be archieved but will be active on Google Business Listing in case you opt out of matterport subscription.

Yes, we are very much sure. If, unfortunately you decide to stop using our services after one year, your 360 virtual tour on google will continue as it is.

These days 100’s of wedding directories have listed your venues on their websites and ranking on Google search. These Fake directories collect customer contact details by displaying their numbers or contact forms. Cross selling to customers searching for you.

Yes, In a recent case for one of our banquet discovered that contact number on their business listings belongs to a wedding planning website wed*****.com Whenever customer search for them on Google he finally land up in the trap laded by this wedding directory.

Yes You can add 3d Overlays and Virtual Staging By Using 3D Captor. Most advanced virtual tour hosting platform with endless features and addons. Matterports can be integrated with Captur3d to create AI based Layouts, Add virtual elements like chair, tables, color themes etc

By The Grace of Guruji, Weds Guru is backed by the trust of industry leading players. With no fake promises, intentions of business poaching, cross selling business leads, we play simple and fair, educate our partners properly. For sure, You will love us for our services

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